Microsoft Teams Recording button is grayed out for Calls

How to enable the Recording button during calls on MS Teams.

“Start recording” button grayed out for calls

This is one brand new but basically, I received a request related to this information, why was even the button grayed out?.

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Now let’s solve the issue in 3 steps:

1. Find out the policy that is applied to the user

  • Connect to your as Global Administrator
  • Navigate to Admin >Show All>Under Administrative Centers click on Teams>Users> find out the user that can’t record / Policy.

Note: If you find out that the policy is wrong and need to move it to Global or any other you can click Edit and then select from the dropdown menu the one that you want to apply. These changes can take from 10 mins up to 72 hours.

  • Make sure to check what’s the ‘meeting policy’ applied

Note: This name you will use later on, so take note of it. I will work with the most general policy: Global.

Meeting Policy for a user (Global Policy applied)

It starts with checking the license of the user (it should be active and applied).

2. Install the Powershell Module for Microsoft Teams (latest version).

  • Open Powershell as administrator

Note: If you don’t know, how to open a Powershell console as an administrator you can see it graphically here on youtube on a quick 10-second video.

  • Set Execution Policy for PS scripts, and accept the changes.
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