Tips and tricks to become a Successful Freelancer in Upwork—74k income — top-Rated plus

Because sometimes you need some tips to get aligned with success


Upwork’s JSS 05/29/2022 — Top Rated Plus Distinction — 74k — 67% long clients hiring for IT Work:


This time the requirement is to get a successful career competing with people that does precisely the same you do, but that is not you, yeah, worldwide.

🙋Why❓ Because sometimes education and goodwill are not enough.

In this case, I will express the solution in TIPs form, and I hope you enjoy it.

☝ Who am I ☝

My name is Jose Ortega, and I'm a Microsoft Certified Professional🎆 on Office 365, Powershell, Messaging (Exchange Online/Exchange On-premises), and Windows Server. I've been working with Microsoft Technologies for 12+ years and independently since 2015 using Upwork and reaching the distinction of Top-Rated Plus Freelancer. I used to write scripts for TechNet in my free time, but now I've moved to medium; my goal is to help you solve complicated and straightforward problems with my experience. You can expect an article from one to three weeks. Right now, I'm working and assisting on a Microsoft GIG as a freelancer for Office365 tickets and customers worldwide. Thank you in advance for all the support, follow, clap, comment, and donation. If you would like to ask something or discuss it further, please reach me on social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or GitHub as j0rt3g4).

🙌TIPs 🙌

🔸 The most crucial asset: Your word.

It would be best if you cared about people's businesses because you are working as a freelancer to help reach their businesses goals through your knowledge and do the best you can on any task that you have on your freelancer's profile with human values.

I have worked as a freelancer for about seven years now, way before the pandemic hit, and the best you can do is start on this. Value yourself, and your words are written on stone so honor them with commitments.

Always is a part of the negotiation with any client is when you will be there to work on this, and if you have a 9–5 job, please be honest with the Customer; they will always thank you…



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